Town Of Poestenkill

UPDATE: Two Local Laws Proposed: Public Hearing Set for Thursday 7PM @Poestenkill Town Hall, Continued on March 21.

February 25, 2019
Table Of Contents:

The Town Board will receive testimony and comments from the public on two proposals to the Poestenkill Town Code.   Proposed local law #1 would require the posting of a sign to announce that an application has been made for various land use proposals to the Planning Board, Zoning Board or Town Board and that a public hearing has been scheduled.  The 24" x 24" sign would be provided by the town to the applicant who then would post it at the property which is to be effected by the application.  

The second proposal would ban on-street parking on town roads during a snow event.   On street parking interferes with the town's ability to clear streets of snow and ice.  The proposal would also ban the placement of trailers or other objects on the road so as to interfere with winter snow removal.   At the February Town Board meeting the Town Board decided to carry the proposals over to the March meeting and provide a further opportunity for public comment after making minor changes to the proposed local laws. 

The full text of the local law is available by clicking the title of this news item.