Town Of Poestenkill

Residential Household Waste and Recycling

September 11, 2019
Table Of Contents:

Town of Poestenkill residents may drop off residential household garbage and recyclables to the Waste Management Transfer Station at the corner of NY 66 and NY 351 from 7 AM to 10AM every Monday and Friday.  

Only Poestenkill Town are eligible for this service and may bring their household garbage and recyclables to the facility in any 30 gallon plastic bag.   The fee is $3 per bag for garbage and recyclables.   No cash is accepted at the facility therefore payment must be by check or credit card.   Residents who bring their garbage on a regular basis are encouraged to share their thoughts with the town on how payments can be made as convenient as possible. 

Recyclables include glass, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jars, and cans.   No waste oil, electronics or liquids are accepted.  Remover your recyclables from the 30 gallon bags and put the bag in the household garbage container.  See News for a full listing of what may not be recycled. 


Four times a year next on October 5, 2019, from 9AM until Noon, the transfer station will accept bulk items such as couches and mattresses for a fee of $20.  On the same day the facility will accept white goods such as refrigerators, air conditioners freezers, ranges, stoves, washing machines, and dryers for a fee of $30.   Waste Management will be responsible for extracting and recovering the coolant from this equipment.  Do not break refrigeration equipment since freon is a global warming gas and is destructive to the ozone layer. 

For additional information contact Michelle Asquith at 518-283-5100, ext 100 or Town Clerk Sue Horton at ext. 103.   


Watch  for information on an upcoming electronics recycling day. 


This document provides guidance to residents on what may be recycled at the transfer station.