Town Of Poestenkill
 Highway Department 

Toby Chadwick

Highway Department

Our Mission:
To Develop and Maintain the Best Town Road System in New York.

Our Promise:
We Will Continually Strive to Earn the Trust and Confidence Of the Citizens of Poestenkill Through the Sound Stewardship of the Public Resources in Our Charge.
The Poestenkill Highway Department is responsible for maintaining town highways right of way. To meet the task of maintaining this right of way, the Highway Department employs a hard working 7 person crew. Each employee plays an integral part of our operations, which make up three divisions. The operations includes our maintenance crews, who strive daily to keep our roadways safe and passable for the traveling public. Some of their duties include hand patching, shoulder stabilization, paving, sign maintenance, striping, vegetation control, pipe and guard rail installation, bridge & box culvert maintenance and snow removal. The Highway Department inspects road and bridge construction projects and enforce town standards in subdivision development and work performed in the right of way.

Have a question? Call or stop by our town garage, located at 108 Plank Road.


Town of Poestenkill "Policy" in relation to damaged mail boxes along "Town Highway, Right of Way(s)"


Postal regulations require that homeowners place their mail boxes six to eight inches from the edge of the roadway at a height of forty one to forty eight inches. Placement consistent with postal regulations ensures that rural delivery can be accomplished by postal vehicles in a reasonable and safe fashion.


The Town of Poestenkill is a community in the northeastern, United States which on average receives more than 5 feet of snow each year. In addition, the eastern portion of the Town receives considerably more snow.


While the placement of mailboxes close to the road provides easy access for mail carriers, it also places the mailbox within the Town Highway right of way.

Notwithstanding the diligence and professionalism of Town Highway drivers occasionally a mailbox may be damaged by the Town Highway Equipment.

It is the policy of the Town of Poestenkill, that when such mailboxes are so damaged, Highway personnel will make a reasonable attempt to repair such mailbox. If repair is not possible, a resident may be reimbursed for the cost of the mail box to a maximum of $30.

Highway Superintendent
Toby Chadwick
Phone: (518) 283-4144
Standards for local road construction.