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Natural Gas For Poestenkill


Updated!   12-8-2017 

Recently Councilman David Hass and I met with National Grid, represenatives of the Public Service Commission and NYSERDA to discuss the Poestenkill Natural Gas Project.  The news was very disappointing and put a nail in the coffin of trying to expand gas service into the hamlet.   The bottom line is that National Grid would need to petition the PSC on expanding service and be able to demonstrat to the PSC that the cost of expanding service could be covered by the revenue generated.  To our disappointment revenue from the project could not even cover the taxes which would be levied on that distance of pipe. 

While this news is very disappointing we also learned about other innovative technology which can bring down the cost of home heating and cooling significantly.  The newest heat pumps are much more efficient than models made just 10 years ago.  They promise to heat and cool your house for less than oil, gas, or propane.  The technology especially geothermal heatpumps is so promising that we will look at it for the next generation of heating and cooling at Town Hall. 

If you would like more information on heat pumps contact NYSERDA at .  




If you would like additional information please feel free to call Town Hall and speak to Town Supervisor Dominic Jacangelo or Councilman Dave Hass.   



Gas Sales Support Representative
National Grid
Phil Amsterdam
Phone: 315-452-7652

Phil Amsterdam is in the best position to answer your individual questions regarding the Natural Gas project. 


The attached forms may be completed by anyone within the project area who is interested in Natural Gas service.